Couples Counselling Essex

Sometimes socialisation can affect us as individuals, permitting our thinking as truths. Our beliefs and values can sometimes feel dismissed and not heard which can contribute to a break down in what once was a loving relationship.

Having a safe space to hear and understand each other, whilst gain a sense of what is affecting the relationship, can enable change and create awareness of each other's qualities.

Even if it is not dealing with any significant problems, rooted issues can lead to new problems. Sometimes it is just necessary to rediscover each others feelings with respectful understanding.

Couples counselling Essex can help you to fully share your concerns, enable awareness, consider effects of attitudes and actions and discuss stratagies in moving forward. My experience and approaches help you to work through any difficulties your relationship might be facing, whilst supporting your feelings of frustrations and anxieties throughout the process of therapy.

Many people come under pressure when society issues become part of the relationship. Complex behaviours and defence mechanisms come into play affecting how we relate to each other. Loss of former ways of life, financial stress, extended family issues or mishearing, misunderstanding each other can cause tension that may escalate into crises point.

There are many reasons for couples seeking counselling such as:

  • Life changing events
  • Affairs
  • Trust issues
  • Anger/abuse within the relationship
  • Fear of commitment
  • Intimacy issues & sexual dysfunction
  • Difficulty in relating to each other
  • Separation
  • Family difficulties/illnesses
  • Work related stress
  • Control
  • Over protectiveness

If you would like to discuss couples counselling Essex, please Contact me.

Couples Counselling Essex

Coral Geeves

MBACP Dip. Couns. Integrative

Please feel free to contact me at any time to find out more about my approaches & types of therapies I offer on 07961 006 789 or Email Coral Counselling.

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